About “TWiSTED Parenting”

Twisted Parenting: A Revolutionary Method for Guiding Parents in Crisis

Some parents experience situations of severe crisis with some of their children. It can be due to behavioral issues, mental health problems, abuse, trauma, or other challenges that can leave parents feeling helpless and overwhelmed. The journey of parenting these challenged souls can be filled with twists and turns, and sometimes, it can be difficult to navigate these twists.

However, with the help of a revolutionary parenting method called “Twisted Parenting” (TP), parents can receive the individual guidance and full support they need to survive these difficult and painful challenges.

What is “Twisted Parenting”?

“Twisted Parenting” is a method developed and implemented in 2008 by Avi Fishoff to guide parents of children who at this time no longer keep Torah and Mitzvos, and in addition may be suffering mentally, and may even be in severe crisis situations of “pikuach nefesh”.

From the very first call, Avi personally guides hundreds of families from all over the world.

Daas Torah

Avi is the first and only guide that requires all parents to have their own ‘Daas Torah’ fully involved from the get-go, to pasken any shailos that may arise throughout the journey. Avi has many hundreds of haskamos of leading Gedolim attesting to his success and commitment to following Torah guidelines.

What does TP cost?

All services are FREE of charge.

In addition, Avi created a fund to help parents with some of the costs involved in saving their children.


The “Twisted Parenting” method is designed to help parents address their child’s crisis in a way that is effective, practical, and sustainable. It is based on Avi’s personal experience, as well as the latest research in child development, psychology, and education.

Avi’s guidance is tailored to each family’s unique situation and takes into account their values, beliefs, and cultural background.

What Makes “Twisted Parenting” Different?

“TP” focuses on the parent-child relationship rather than just the child’s current behavior. “TP” recognizes that it is the deep relationship, “Nafsho KeShura BiNafsho”, that ultimately gives our children the greatest chance to not only “survive” – but “thrive”!

Avi also spearheaded the importance of involving each families personal ‘Daas Torah’ throughout the process. A Daas Torah is a Torah scholar who can provide guidance and direction based on the Torah’s teachings. This ensures that parents are following the Torah’s principles and values in their parenting approach in tandem with Avi’s guidance. That certainly adds to receiving ‘Siyata Dishmaya’ (heavenly assistance).

How Does “Twisted Parenting” Work?

“TP” works by helping parents identify the root causes of their child’s challenging behavior. It involves a three-step process:

– Assessment: The first step is to assess the child’s crisis and the family’s situation. This involves gathering information about the child’s history, current behavior, emotions, and relationships, as well as the family’s values, beliefs, and cultural background.

– Intervention: The second step is to intervene in a way that addresses the root causes of the crisis. This involves using a combination of Torah principles, psychological techniques, and practical tried-and-proven strategies to help parents and children improve their relationship, communication, and behavior.

– Follow-up: The third step is to follow up and monitor the progress of the intervention. This involves assessing the effectiveness of the intervention and making adjustments as needed to ensure that the family is making progress towards their goals.

Avi personally holds the hands of all families under his care throughout all stages of the journey.

Is “Twisted Parenting” Effective?

“TP” has been highly effective in helping hundreds of families overcome their child’s crisis. Many families have reported significant improvements in their child’s behavior, emotional well-being, and overall family dynamics.

Avi has many hundreds of haskamos of leading Gedolim, attesting to their first-hand experience of the effectiveness of his method as they have been involved with his work for many years.

Leading Rabbanim, such as the “Noviminsker Rebbe” zy”a have hailed Avi a “miracle worker who succeeds where everyone else fails!”

However, it is important to note that “TP” is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each child is unique and each family’s situation is unique, and therefore Avi tailors his advice to their specific needs and circumstances.


“Twisted Parenting” is a revolutionary parenting method that provides parents with the guidance and support they need to overcome their child’s crisis. It is based on the principles of Torah and Halacha and is tailored to each family. Hundreds of teens and young adults have already been saved since Avi began guiding parents in 2009, and they can give testimony that “TP” was a game changer both regarding the well being of their child in crisis and of the entire family as well.